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risk your life part II
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 Feedback and Suggestion

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PostSubject: Feedback and Suggestion   Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:18 pm

Hello GM,

I praise you for this wonderful server. It is a lot better than others regarding easiness of farming and making item. However, please do consider my humble suggestion to make this server attractive and more enjoyable to play:

1) I suggest that farming spot to be moved from it's original place at map1 to map3 coz I think farming at map3 makes that map more challenging and lively, as my humble observation think map 3 just frequented by player only at time of war, and become deserted at other time.

2) I suggest that you add variety of items at black market, such as arms, swords and armors, so the players can choose the item design that they want.

3) Regarding tower, as the original towers are very near at Akhan camp, I suggest that you place them at the center of the map, so human and Akhan can have same challenge regarding capturing the towers.

4) I suggest that you used the original RYL2 map in map3, so the new players not confuse with the map.

These are my humble suggestions, I am not forcing you to implement these in immediate patch that may come out soon, perhaps you can consider these in next patch, and feel free to post your comment and opinion regarding my suggestions, and we can discuss further.

I bow before you,

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Feedback and Suggestion
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